Wednesday, March 11, 2009

C'mon boy. Time to go to bed

My wife told me my dog was exceptionally friendly and affectionate on Sunday. He clung magnetically to my folks, and my in-laws who were over for dinner. He also climbed the stairs and peeked several times into the door of the home office. He usually wheezes slightly, but not that night.

The next morning, my folks found him; looking like he'd fallen asleep, leaving a warm spot on the floor. He was 15 / 105 years old.

My wife thinks he was looking for me that Sunday night.
But I wasn't there.

Coodie is a foodie who likes to drink smoothies.

Our favourite rhyme, sung one last time.


Wandernut said...

RIP Cooooodie :(

He's now prancing about across the rainbow bridge... :)

The Box said...

Thanks babe. Someone sent me an email about the Rainbow Bridge. Made me cry. And I already believe.

Yue-li said...

He's running free and happy at the Rainbow Bridge :) RIP Cuddles