Monday, August 07, 2006

Poetry (the intent, not the product)

Some of you might consider this cheating.

What you’re about to read was written a long time ago – February to be exact – and therefore not ‘new’ in the strictest sense. I didn’t write it for this post. So in addition to cheating, accusations of laziness might now be hurled my way. In fact, after the last post (which was a tag) you might be wondering if The Box should be slapped with a big yellow sticker that says ‘Return To Sender.’

Oh well. Closing arguments over. The jury will decide.

Below is one of the writing exercises I did during at one of the writer’s meetings I go to. All this is transcribed from my notes.

Select your weather.

I chose lightning. Which I’m not sure is actually a weather type as opposed to a weather element, but hey.

Give it a personality.

Lightning is:
A show off - too bright, flaring, in your face
Promiscuous - won't stay in one place
A closet idealist - believes in The One, believes in patterns, in Meant To Be
Suicidal - low self esteem, self-destructive
Needy - You are light. You can outrace anyone. And still you want
people to watch
Afraid - Afraid one day you'll go into the cold black ground and stay there
Defiant - stubborn as FUCK

Now write a poem.

Mine was:

What they don't know
Is lightning is a son
A child
That ran away from home

What they don't know
Is that Zeus never threw him
He ran to the edge of the sky one day
And jumped

What they don't know
Is that he is a million strikes
That never hits the mark

What they don't know
Is that lightning has a twin
A sister

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