Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dispatch, I need you to run a plate for me...

After three weeks, somebody finally called the cops.

They came, took lotsa pictures and finally towed it away. The next day, we read in the papers that our car (hey, we found it) was used as a getaway vehicle for an armed robbery. Now, a Kancil* isn't exactly Italian Job-nimble, so we all found it a bit of a laugh. Then we read the next paragraph.

You see, not too long ago, there was a slashing in our office block. Like the good tabloid magazine writers that we were, we all went down to have a gander.
There was a pool of blood ending in a longish streak and the restaurant owner was screaming at one of his waiters to clean the bloody mess up. The owner in turn was screamed at by the cops for washing away evidence their crack CSI team could've used to solve the case within 24 hours. And though we only now realized it, the slashing musta happened about the same time our Kancil appeared, parked in a spot reserved for the resident optometrist.
Probably even the same day.

So. Our Kancil and the slashing were related, said the papers. We spent lunch going over all sorts of crackpot theories but by evening, deadlines and the pub beckoned so we forgot about it.

That was four years ago.

In my new office, on basement three, is an Isuzu Trooper which has been parked there for some time. We don't know how long, but the air has gone out of its tires and it's covered in dust. I had a peek through the windows.
The glove compartment lies open.
On the passenger seat are several brochures for an up-market service apartment in KL.
On the driver's side is a pair of high heels.
The road tax on the windshield expired in January.

*The Kancil is a Malaysian mouse deer about the size of cat. The car of the same name is only slightly larger, but just as well known.

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